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Album in major stores soon!

  ...''How welcome it is to be asked to endorse such a quality fiddle and flute album as this from two Waterford musicians who can hold their own with any historical flute and fiddle combination.

  Attractive, effortless and well chosen pieces make this recording a welcome companion to the collection of any follower of quallity music.

    I was sent five or six tracks and found myself demanding more.

 Congrats Paddy and Caoimhin on such a fresh respectfull approach to our traditional music''...

 John Carty

 July 2018

  Here's the latest Duet album by Paddy and Caoimhin, recorded  at Benny McCarthy's Studio Co Waterford 2018.

 The album was mixed by Billy Sutton at pipetrack productions and mastered by Jason Whelan at sound solution.


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